A hotel downtown Osaka, with easy access to Kyoto, Nara and Kobe!Osaka Yamatoya Honten



Large Bathroom / Sauna

In the big city of Osaka, it is very rare to find a large communal bath in a hotel. Enjoy a moment of relaxation in our luxuriously spacious bath to get over travel fatigue! You may also be able to communicate with fellow guests!
There is separate bathroom each for gentlemen and ladies. Please be noted that there are certain rules for bathing in a Japanese-style communal bath.

* Click here for more information about bathing etiquette.

Large Bathroom


Large Communal Bath

This bathroom is designed to use in Japanese way of bathing.
The airy and spacious bathing area is ideal to relax and ease the weariness of your journey.
The bathing area for ladies is equipped with baby beds.


The bathing area for gentlemen is equipped with a sauna room.
After the healthy perspiring, your beer would taste twice as good!

Operation Hours: [Morning] 6:00am - 9:00am / [Evening] 3:00pm - 1:00pm
Sauna Room (for gentlemen) Operation Hours: 4:00pm - 11:00pm

178 Guests
Number of Guest Rooms
39 Guest Rooms
Banquet Rooms
"Musashi Room" (For 50 guests), "Yamato Room" (For 40 guests), "Akagi Room" (For 15 guests)
"Tone Room" (For 15 guests), "Yunagi Room" (For 25 guests), "Urakaze Room" (For 25 guests)
*The"Musashi" and "Yamato" rooms can be combined to accommodate up to 100 guests.
For gentlemen (with sauna) / Ladies
Public Facilities
Tearoom and lounge ("Ichou") / shop / smoking room

Lobby and Lounge

Lobby and Lounge

The lobby and lounge are designed in the motif of "icho (ginko) garden".
The original souvenirs of Yamatoya Honten, in addition to a selection of souvenirs of Osaka are available at Gift Shop. Internet access is provided free of charge in the lobby.

Banquet Rooms

Banquet Rooms

There are 6 types of banquet rooms, and each is suitable according to capacity and purpose. It can accommodate up to 100 guests by combining them.

Capacity of the Banquet Rooms
Musashi Room
50 guests
Tone Room
15 guests
Yamato Room
40 guests
Yunagi Room
25 guests
Akagi Room
15 guests
Urakaze Room
25 guests